With the global warming trend, we are currently facing a lot that has hanged in the York region area with our winter weather and snowfall accumulation. Remembering back to the 90’s our area use to receive several mass dumplings of snow often exceeding 20cm accumulation. The need for snow clearing was at a high. With our average temperatures the way they currently are and fewer large dumplings of snow, the trend is that we are experiencing a lot more ice management events to maintain customers properties. Fluctuating temperatures and not only air temperature but ground temperature and dew point are helpful in our actions.

At MDM we have a few options to prevent ice and also melt ice-free the fact.

Calibrated electric and hydraulic salter units are equipped on all of our trucks. We have the ability to load up a minimal weight of product all the way up to 5 tons at a time. We provide all of our commercial customers with salt bins that we monitor and fill as needed throughout the season for walkways and emergencies.

We monitor several weather stations daily and forecasted weather so we are ready before it’s too late. Preventative ice management is your safest approach. We monitor our properties 24/7 without a call. Sleep easy and work hard. MDM will advise on your best approach and ensure you are covered

Rock salt- most of our customer’s lots are treated with bulk rock salt. Post snow clearing rock salt is used to prevent any hardpack of snow that may have occurred in the snow clearing process. We also apply salt in the following situations: snowfall amounts do not or are not expected to reach an amount that will be requiring plowing, freezing rain events, flash freeze events.

Sand/salt mix- 30%salt combined with 70%sand. This mixture is used to provide traction. The sand does aid on sunny days as the dark colour attracts the sun and helps with the melting process. Sand/salt mixtures are popular amongst our commercial customers with gravel parking lots as well as farms where safety is a concern. A few of our horse farms get treated with sand/salt for pedestrian and animal safety.

Ice melt- there are several products on the market that come in bags. These are generally a coloured product and are much finer than rock salt. The ice melt products are generally a magnesium treated product that is regarded as a friendlier product for both concrete services and landscape vegetation. These products generally work at colder temperatures than traditional road salt products.